Karla Caves

We had actually planned for paragliding. We left for Kamshet at 11 am and we were supposed to reach there by 12. Now that was next to impossible. I was quiet apprehensive for this trip as i had some other domestic plans ready for the day. But Hubby listens to his instinct always so we left the house. As expected we reached there by 1.30pm. The pilot was not ready to give us tandem joy ride due to bad whether. So unwillingly we left the place though it was fun watching those parachutes coming our way!

We found Karla Caves on the way back and decided to take that route. The road itself was very adventurous. We parked the car somewhere in the middle of the mountain and there onwards we were supposed to climb up. And we started hiking. We also wanted to visit the temple and were accompanied by big crowd for that. As we reached there on the top, I was initially not happy but the moment i saw the caves i loved it.The very first glance was superb.

These caves represents golden period of Buddhism in India.he major attractions of the Karla Caves consist of the Chaitya Hall, beautifully chiseled sculptures and pillars adorned with incredible architecture. The magnificent structural design of the Chaitya Hall makes it a must see. Even the rooftop, made up of teak wood, has been exquisitely carved.

One of the pillars of the Karla caves has four lions at the top. This design has been adopted as the national emblem of India. There are a number of rock-cut sculptures inside the caves, displaying animals as well as various forms of human life. There is also a stone stupa, placed under an umbrella and carved with figures of men, women and elephants. The 37 pillars chiseled with the figures of prosperous men and women on elephants, bowing before Lord Buddha, add to the attraction of Karla caves.

I just loved the play of lighting in the Chaitya hall well suited for the photography. This post is all about those clicks i tried there.

Perspective correction is required a bit as i don’t use a professional camera.

The play of shadow was worth catching.

This staircase invaded theĀ  elegant piece of architecture. Unaware of its existence its been just standing still.