Design elements


All those book lovers, here is a good news for you all. You no longer have to worry about stacking your reading stuff in a typical book rack.We will see numerous examples of  elegant bookshelves. I would like to state here that this furniture item definitely makes a fashion statement. Its no more just a piece of furniture lying in the corner.

Recently i have come across a very good website talking about design ideas.I just couldn’t resist myself by mentioning few of them.


The “Shelves with a Bench” was designed by Stanislav Katz, a designer from Latvia.


Its an Autumn shelve. An abstract form but doesn’t seem functional. I would personally say NO to it just to avoid cleaning pain.

a385_bookchairBook chair can be a space saving design. But the chair itself is not comfortable. We can add on some cushioning to it.


Form follows function.Flexishelve, the size of the shelf  changes as per the book size. Something unusual though.Bookcase3_10

This one is nice piece of decoration rather than a efficient book shelve.

Bookcase3_11This  is a multi-functional bookshelves.


Lovely Rita is an unusual bookshelf. At at a first glance just arranging books on this bookshelf could be a real adventure. Lovely Rita can live as a single shelf or be repeated endlessly by combining additional units, becoming a bookcase of the desired length



Twisted and falling shelf.these are just for aesthetic purpose not so functional.


This one is patriotic shelf, quiet similar to Autumn shelf. Only difference is form defined here.


Concentric and Yin-yang shelf.


Infinity book shelf. Capacity of storage is good.Best suited for libraries.


This one an organic design. Multifunctional,  just a piece of art as well.




The Folding Bookshelves is something really innovative in the bookshelves business. It’s very practical because you can arrange the books in an interesting way, as you can see from these pictures.


The Brace Case is designed by Ward Huting, and is a shelving unit that uses taut cables to house books, magazines and other flat objects at various angles. The modular system enables the owner to decide how to install the cables. This might be an interesting approach to storing stuff, but it doesn’t looks to stable. The Brace Case is fully customizable according to individual room requirement and cable length. The Case is clamped between the floor and the ceiling, and can therefore be tailor-made to any room.


Photo frame shelf.This one can either be a niche in the wall of projecting out as a box. Gives you the impression of photo frame


The Cave is a shelving unit with integrated nook for reading, for those who want to grab a book and start reading right away. I can say that this idea is ideal for small places, because the nook for reading can save the space used by a chair. A bookcase CAVE provides a private reading space within its form. As a seat height is just above the floor, CAVE gives a feeling of hiding from others standing around it. Books can be stored on both sides. Therefore, CAVE can also functions as a partition of a room.


Classic Car shelves


Designed by Doris Kisskalt the FlexiTube is mobile and can be changed into a transparent room partitioner. This fantastic tub rolls and fits into any corner and changes into a sculpture of a shelf. The various elements get support through their velvety surface. Inside each tube is a shelf for storage which serves as a visual horizontal line. FlexiTube is available in two different sizes and can be combined in any number either lying side by side or on top of each other. Chocks will support your FlexiTube sculpture in case that you want to set it up without the support of a wall.


The Ceiling Bookshelf is a great idea to store your books if your space is limited. As you can see a place that 99,9% of people don’t use can be used in a very practical way to store your books, and save a lot of space in any room. The ceiling bookshelf is an idea that can be applied quite easy. However, in order to get a book, you have to use a chair.


Parenthetical Shelves Multiple Configurations and Uses


Hanging Bookself is an innovative storage design for your books from unal & boler studio.


Magnetique Shelf is designed by Nils Holger Moormann and is a shelf consisting of sheet steel and boxes made of FU(birch plywood). The sheet steel can be mounted onto the wall in a horizontal or vertical way. The backside of the boxes consists of a special, extra strong foil magnet which sticks to the wall attachment in any way you like.Depending on number, size and arrangement of the boxes, there is a new shelf everytime you change it. Magnetique is any cupboard you want it to be.


An old-time Pendulum Clock that can be Used for Shelving


Prove Shelves are designed by a german company named Creosa. The prove shelves can be used to display your books, cds, etc in a really interesting way. The storing space is limited but enough to store the most important things.


Designer Da-Eun Song had an interesting idea when he designed this shelf that spells out shelf. This shelf has an very original and modern design. Can be transformed by using different word like your own name or signature.

Courtesy for some of the bookshelves