What do we offer?

DeZinebox offers three boxes


Terra represents founding element Earth out of five elements. This box provides dezine concept, technical drawings, budgetary estimate, guided project map that helps in execution, shopping list of materials proposed in dezine. Every element in the design is tagged and explains the brand, quality, cost, availability at online store. It directs you to the supplier’s website to begin your purchase. This way entire purchase of shopping list can be done at the click of the button right there after receiving the design. However these are only recommendations just to understand what kind of product would fit in the particular design concept. After understanding of product you may purchase it online or offline. We only wish to empower you by all means to execute the design and ease out the tedious purchasing process.


Zephyr represents air element. In addition to what terra provides this box gives 3D drawing that helps to visualize the design better. This box also is self-explanatory and assists you to execute the design at your own pace.


Ether represents the boundless space element. This box provides offline traditional consultancy services to the end-user. If you wish to have the personalize experience of getting your home designed by the professional, then this box is for you. Our professional Design Partners will personally execute your project considering your each and every requirement. Their experience and expertise glides you through this otherwise tedious process effortlessly.