Conventional Architecture Vs. DeZinebox

We feel, there are few inherent issues or imprints with Traditional/Conventional method of hiring an interior designer/architect like:

  • It is a “Time Consuming” activity and takes “too much of time and efforts and also it is messy”.
  • It is “Costly” and mostly preferred by Senior generation for quality.
  • Its “Unfamiliar” territory and architect/designer has the final word.

Let’s say you want to do the interiors of your 2BHK(1000 sq ft.area) which basically includes designing your Living Room+Dining,Bedrooms and Kitchen through conventional method, will give you an approximate estimation of Rs.1.25 lakhs for only providing the designs(floor plans, 3D visuals etc).

How different is DeZinebox from the conventional method?

With internet and e-commerce, people are open to experimenting and using technology in various field like online shopping for electronics, grocery and now furniture. So, why not designs!?

Hence, DeZinebox has come up with a unique solution for providing online designs where we are providing you the power for its execution.

DeZinebox offers three boxes – Terra, Zephyr and Ether.Flow Chart_ for how it worksOnline boxes provide online design solution which Terra includes all the required drawings i.e. floor plan with furnitures, electrical layout, false ceiling layout and Zephyr provides all the required drawings along with 3D.

In comparison to the conventional method, if you want to get the online solutions for your 2BHK buying a Terra box will cost you Rs.20,000/- and Zephyr box, Rs.28,000 if 3D visuals is required excluding all the taxes.Along with the design we provide the customer an A-Z shopping list which directs the customer to the site where they can purchase the listed items and a project mapping to guide them with the execution task. (Note- It’s not compulsory to buy the items provided in the list.)

Addition to which our customers get discounts around 5%-30% on buying the products which are passed onto from our product partners provided in the shopping list of output file.(Output sample ).

Hereby, We are empowering our customers to do the execution themselves and give their spaces a professional touch at an affordable rate.

Let’s summarize the above and say why deZinebox makes sense:

• Affordable online solution
• Convenient to execute
• Transparent, with no hidden cost or agenda
• Not bound by geographical constraints
• Not tied down to a single vendor
• Can be used for validation
• Freedom to customize