“Design is not making beauty, beauty emerges from selection, affinities, integration, love.”

You shop online for everything today when it comes to decor. But then why not designs? Nowadays we all want to have design consultancy for interior and architectural spaces but due to geographical, time and financial constraints it’s not always possible. We are here to bridge that gap! You need not go anywhere, need not take any appointments, need not wait for your time availability. We are just a click away. Online design solution… DeZinebox!!!

DeZinebox brings you an online solution for your home or office interiors and exteriors as well!. We, here provide you spatial experience with the help of your inputs and our creativity and imagination. We are creating niches and curves to fit your requirements with the right sense of aesthetics.

DeZinebox is supported by an award-winning architectural and interior firm having 16 years of experience in the field of architecture and interiors. We are the first to provide this kind of online interior service in India and we solicit your support.

We give you online design solution for any type of space as per your requirements and choice. You have to register with us and submit your requirements. We will assess and understand your requirements and provide you design that matches your expectations.

We empower you to design your space at your pace !!


14 thoughts on “About”

  1. I was pleased to see that you quoted one of my essays in your recent blog on architecture and abstraction.

    May I ask you two favors?

    1.Can you please put in a link to my Web site, so other people can find it? Thanks. The address to use is:


    2. Since the quote was so long and copied the entire essay, is it possible to make it more clear which part of your blog is quoting from my work?


    I wish you good luck with your blog. I can see you are working hard on it.

    — Harley Hahn

  2. Hi Infinity Architecture, stunning blog and photos! I work on a staircase design website, how would it be possible to get a link from your blogroll section?

  3. Hello,

    I am a workig on a book on Auroville, especially her relevance to India.
    May I take this article? Of course, with due credit to its source.


  4. Rewriting for the sake of clarity and correction.

    I am working on a book on Auroville, especially her relevance to India.
    May I take your highly appreciable research article on Matrimandir.
    Of course, with due credit to its source.

  5. its a pleasure reading all these informative things. I really appreciate your mindset man, please tell me how can i contact you, because your articles are always informative and cool for learning, they always increase my knowledge latest sms

  6. Hello Shweta….Thats really nice photos & good work done……It was small talk in NICMAR campus and still I remember…anyway ….be in touch………….

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